Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising plays a key role in an effective cross-channel campaign. Even though we live in a digital world we still favor tangible items. Direct mail can be a great supplement to any digital advertising your company is investing in. Studies have shown people need to see your message up to five times before they actually make a purchase.

Why Should Your Business Supplement Their Digital Marketing Strategy With Direct Mail?

Direct Mail Services

Professional Design

The design of your direct mail piece plays a key role in the success of the campaign. Good design strengthens your brand to make it easily recognizable. We take the time to design the perfect piece to meet your needs and build your brand.

Digital Printing Services

Marketing Innovations partners with a couple area printers to provide you quality digital printing at an affordable rate.

Targeted List Creation

We can help you define your ideal audience and build the perfect targeted mailing list so your mailers reach the right customers and optimize your advertising spend.

List Services

Our team scrubs your lists for deliverability so you can be confident your mailers are delivered to their intended target and reduce waste.

Results Measurement

At the close of your campaign, Marketing Innovations will provide detailed reporting of how the campaign performed.

Want to learn how to best supplement your digital advertising strategy with direct mail?

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