Pay-Per-Click Services

Google ads are more than simply bidding on keywords. To optimize your pay-per-click ad campaigns it is imperative to implement a layered targeting approach. Targeting strategies range from geographic search location, in-market audiences, affinity audiences and retargeting. We implement strategies to get your brand in front of high-intent searchers through targeted keyword bidding on the world’s largest search platforms. Our continued optimization of your ads ensures maximum ROI.

Why Should Your Business Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Learn more benefits of pay-per-click advertising in our Blog “Impact of Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising.”

Pay-Per-Click Services

Account & Profile Set Up

Marketing Innovations will set up your Google Ads account, Google My Business account and Google Analytics account. We also set up Bing Ad accounts if requested.

Competitive Analysis

We will perform a strategic online competitive analysis to determine where your competitors appear in the Google search and why they appear there to further define our digital marketing strategy for your business.

Set Up Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels will be placed on your website so we can accurately track the results of your digital marketing spend.

Extensive Keyword Research

Your dedicated marketing consultant will perform extensive keyword research to ensure we are targeting the appropriate keywords for your business as well as spending your online advertising dollars as effectively as possible.

Ad Creation

We have the knowledge to build high performing ads for your business.

Constant Monitoring To Achieve Desired Results

Marketing Innovations will continually be monitoring your ad campaigns to ensure you are receiving the quality leads you desire and optimizing your account as necessary.

Regular Performance Reporting

Monthly we provide you with a detailed report displaying the results achieved. These reports provide insight into which ads are performing the best, your average cost per conversion, how many potential customers saw your ad and much more.

Want to learn how we can help you succeed with pay-per-click advertising?

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