Thanking Your Customers This Holiday Season

Most business owners agree on the importance of customer loyalty. Provide your customers with an exceptional customer experience along with your amazing product and they are sure to be repeat customers. Satisfied customers tell their family and friends and your business reaps the benefits. It is the time of year to give thanks and love to your customers to ensure they feel appreciated. There are so many ways you can show them your appreciation, but I want to highlight a few of my favorites.

Give Them Choice – I recently stumbled upon this idea and thought it was so clever to give your customers a choice in their gift. Think about setting up a special webpage you can share with your customers where they can select their gift. You could offer things like: apparel, coffee mugs, lanyards and other trinkets. Bonus points if you allow them to personalize the item with their name. The possibilities are endless, but I think the important part is your customer gets to select something that is useful to them versus you giving everyone the same item they may or may not appreciate.

Holiday Themed Video – Take the traditional e-card to the next level and create a video. The video may highlight your staff doing a fun little skit, dance or song to thank your customers. Again the possibilities are endless, but by creating a fun holiday themed video you increase engagement and not only do you have content for an e-card you can also share this on social media. I always love ideas that have dual purpose.

Charitable Giving – Set your brand apart and consider making a donation on your customers behalf to a well-known organization. You can even consider matching contributions your customers make to charitable organizations they are passionate about. This is sure to be one of those ideas to pull at the heart strings.

Traditional Holiday Cards – The idea of a traditional holiday card mailed to your clients still carries lots of value, but make sure you personally sign each one or include a personal note inside. This is how you truly show a customer they are appreciated by taking the time to personally write them a little note and send it in the mail. Consider including a coupon for a discount on a future purchase or a small gift card so they can treat themselves. 

Open House – Another option that is pretty popular is to have an open house for your customers complete with your favorite holiday snacks and drinks. Customers who stop by can also enter to win prizes and meet the staff they might not interact with on a regular basis.

Whatever you decide is the best way to thank your customers this holiday season it is important to make sure they feel appreciated and special.