Why You Need To Add E-mail Marketing To Your Marketing Mix

E-mail marketing is nothing new, but sometimes brands question if they should still invest in it and if it is worth cost as well as the time and effort. There are a whole host of reasons why it’s a no brainer to add e-mail marketing to your marketing mix, but here are our top 6.

  1. Direct Medium To People Who Want To Hear From You With e-mail marketing the individuals on your list have to somehow subscribe to receive e-mails from you. So what does that mean for you? These individuals are engaged with your business and they WANT to hear from you! Capitalize on this engaged group and share tips, tricks and give them early access to your deals. This group is engaged and will have a much higher conversion rate than the general public. Also, unlike social media and paid Google ads these messages are sent directly to your customer and are geared specifically towards them which brings me to my next point.
  1. It’s Personal E-mail marketing allows you the opportunity to personalize your message to the individual. You also have the ability to segment your audience and send specific messages to people that are in different stages of the buying journey. E-mail marketing is a great tool to customize the customer journey and is one of the many reasons why e-mail marketing so successful.
  1. Instant Communication As soon as you hit send those e-mail messages have hit the inboxes of those on your list. Having a last minute sale? Consider using e-mail marketing to quickly spread the word. A majority of people these days carry a smartphone and have their e-mail account synced to their phone. So no matter where they are and what they are doing they will instantly receive your message. And while we are talking about mobile a majority of e-mails are opened on mobile devices so make sure your e-mail campaigns are optimized for mobile viewing.
  1. Increases SEO This may come as a surprise to some, but linking e-mails back to your website and encouraging people to click on those links increases your SEO. You may wonder how that works. Well one of the many criteria that factor into SEO ranking is the number of people who are viewing your website and the length of time they spend on your website. So send traffic to your website and give them a reason to stay. Launching a new blog article on your website? Send a teaser e-mail linking back to your website to read the full post.
  1. Integrates Well With Other Channels By now I am sure you have heard a customer needs to see your marketing message 5-7 times for it to sink in and for them to take action. So we always advise clients to create multi-channel campaigns. Advertise the same messaging in several different channels: social media, your website, radio, e-mail etc. E-mail campaigns can easily integrate with your other marketing channels and it’s affordable. So why not add e-mail marketing to your marketing mix?
  1. Nurtures Leads Depending on the type of product or service you sell some people are not going to purchase from you after hearing about your company a few times. Sometimes you have to take time to nurture your leads especially if you offer a product or service that is a little more expensive. In these scenarios especially, people are going to research their options for several months before making a final decision. It is important that you follow them through this buying journey and keep open communication with them. (Speaking of the customer journey check out my YouTube video to learn more about how digital marketing can customize the buying journey.) Send them a few value added e-mails and then follow it up with a sales offer. If they still don’t convert start the cycle over again. You may be surprised with the results you will see from taking the time to nurture your leads.

As you can tell e-mail marketing is basically a no brainer so what are you waiting for? We help brands of all sizes develop a customized e-mail marketing strategy that complements their advertising goals. Give us a call to get started on building your e-mail campaign.